Best Fishing Tackles Reviewed and Rated

A fishing fact of life is that you will lose many lures. Poorly tied knots, faulty lures, weak tackle all contribute to losing the big fish.  

It’s hard to not get frustrated when it happens. You do have to accept it, but, there is something you can do to minimize how much tackle you lose. I wrote this guide to the best fishing tackle to help you find a way to lose less of it when fishing.

Our Top 3 Picks

Eagle Claw Snap-On Floats Assortment
  • Eagle Claw Snap-On Floats Assortment
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 4 different size
  • Price: See Here
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3 Way with Glow Beads Tackles
  • 3 Way with Glow Beads Tackles
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Very strong
  • Price: See Here
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JSHANMEI Steel Rolling Swivel
  • JSHANMEI Steel Rolling Swivel
  • 4.2 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Copper barrel swivel
  • Price: See Here
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The first line of defense is choosing good terminal tackle. Terminal tackle is anything that is attached to the end of your line. Hooks, sinkers, swivels and lures are all examples of terminal tackle.

Choose swivels that won’t bend or break and can handle the load from a fighting fish. Make sure your hooks are sturdy and won’t snap. Especially the hooks on lures. Many times when you lose a fish due to the lure, it’s not the lure that failed, but, the hook.

I have a strategy when it comes to lures.

This strategy is particular to crankbaits for fishing in creeks and ponds.  If I am going to be surface fishing in the salt I will generally go for a medium expensive to expensive lure. As long the rest of my terminal tackle is good quality, I am not likely to lose the fish because of the lure so I don’t mind spending the money.

In a pond or creek where I will be using crankbaits and there is a lot of debris under water, I will go for an inexpensive but good quality lure. I don’t think I have ever had a lure give out on me when fishing for pan fish. I have lost many lures though from getting hung up on tree branches that lurk under water.

I go for a lure that is good enough to trick the fish, but not so expensive that I will get upset if I lose it. As long as I am not losing it while reeling in a fish, then I don’t mind.

Read on for my review of the best fishing tackle and see how you can improve your catch rate and stop losing so much fish.


1. Eagle Claw Snap-On Floats Assortment

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If you fish fresh water and don’t have these bobbers, as I grew up calling them, then you might be doing something wrong.
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Nothing beats the tell-tale sign that you have a fish nibbling at your bait like the sight of a bobber bouncing on the water. When it goes under and you know the fish is hooked, it’s the best feeling.

Features and Specifications

  • Includes 12 pieces

  • 4 different sizes

  • Classic red and white color

Decision Time

There isn’t much to say except that if you don’t have an assortment of bobbers then you should get this set. If you freshwater fish, it’s easy to get your bait exactly where you like in the water column. Without a float like this, fishing is actually more difficult than it needs to be.

Easy to see colors

Easy to load onto line

Strong hinge keeps bobber in place

Great price


Water can get inside

2. 3 Way with Glow Beads Fishing Barrel Triple Swivels

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Why catch one fish at a time when you can catch two?

Using a triple swivel puts two hooks or lures on your line and can increase your catch rate tremendously.
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A lot of versatility

I always use a triple swivel for my three-way rigs when bottom fishing. It’s so easy to catch 2 fish at a time that way. Most people think the same way when talking about triple swivels.

They aren’t just for bottom fishing, though.

You can fish with two live baits at a time. Or use two chunk baits at different depths. You can fish crankbait, lures and spoons at different lengths. There is so much versatility that opens up so many fishing possibilities.

It’s fun to experiment with the different tactics available to you when you use triple swivel tackle.
Features and Specifications

  • Length:40mm Width:22mm

  • Includes 50pcs 3 Way Swivels With Glow Beads

Decision Time

These three way swivels do exactly what they are supposed to do. There’s really no way to find any fault with them. They will catch you fish and are very hard to break. I haven’t had any that didn’t continue to swivel even after many uses in the salt water.

These are another must have piece of tackle in your bag and among our best fishing tackles of all times.

Very strong

Corrosion resistant

Good in salt or fresh water

Multiple uses



3. JSHANMEI 300pcs/lot Size 2,4,6,8,10 Copper & Stainless Steel

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Fish don’t like it when they get a hook in their mouth.

When they do, they try all kinds of maneuvers to get loose. If you aren’t using swivels then you can end up with your line getting wrapped around the lure making it all the more difficult to land that fish

Swivels are the answer to that problem.
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Easy to change out lures

Time is of the essence when you are out on the water. When you see that the fish aren’t going for your offering, you can swap out a lure in seconds when you are using these swivels.

I like to have a loop end on my leader attached to my lures. Then a swivel on the end of my line. When I need to change the lure, there’s no need to tie on another leader. I just snap open the swivel and put it right on my loop. Then pinch it closed and it’s done.

In this set you have many different sizes. You can fight whatever size fish you are looking for simply by using one of the many sizes rated for the weight of fish.
Features and Specifications

  • 300 pieces included

  • Size: #10, #8, #6, #4, #2

  • Lowest size #10 rated for 5 kilograms up to 13 kg for the #2

  • Copper swivel and stainless steel snap

  • Good for salt and freshwater fishing

Decision Time

Anything that makes my life easier when I am fishing is something I love to use. Before I started using swivels I use to bring too many rods with me, each with the type of lure I wanted to use that day. I didn’t want to have to deal with retying knots every time I wanted to switch.

Now I just use these swivels and in seconds I can change my lure to match the situation.

Copper barrel swivel resists corrosion

Work even in salt water

Easy to snap and unsnap

Rated up to 15 kg test

Multiple sizes included


Swivel can bend if fish is over the rated test

Hard to open with gloves on

4. Water Gremlin Removable Split Shot Pro Pack

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Getting your bait or lure to the right depth is easy when you have this variety pack of split shot sinker weights. Sometimes you just need a little bit to get just under the surface. Sometimes more if you want to get it down in the water column. These little balls have a slit on the side that slides onto your line and then is just pinched in place.
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Customizable Weights

These little split shot style weights work a real treat. They are easy to get onto your line by squeezing with your fingers. Though, I like to wrap the line around at least once to make sure they are on right. The best part to these weights is the handles on the side can be pressed to open it back up to be re-used.

These really are a must have in every tackle box. You can’t always put a standard sinker on since that could be way more weight than you need. I have even added one or two of these in addition to a standard sinker when I need to just fine tune how deep it gets.

Of course, the classic way to use these is to add one to a line under a bobber to keep your worm from floating on the surface. These are perfect for getting your bait wherever you like in the water column.
Features and Specifications

  • Contains 48ea/BB, 36ea/3/0, 16ea/7, 12ea/5, 12ea/4

  • Reusable

  • Handles on side are easy to press to reopen

  • Made in the USA

Decision Time

One thing to consider before buying is if you are allowed to use these in freshwater in your state. They can be used in saltwater without any issues. But, some states prohibit the use of lead sinkers in their lakes, streams and ponds.

If you are allowed to use them in your state then these sinkers are a must have in your tackle box.

Made in USA

Easy to open

Crimps even on light line

Many different sizes


Made of lead

5. JSHANMEI ® Sporting Goods Assorted Lead Sinkers Weights Kit

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Having an assortment of sinkers is one of the most basic needs that every fisherman should have in his tackle box.
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Easy to load and unload

What makes these great sinkers is the how they are split down the middle and fitted with a rubber core. Simply remove the rubber and slide the sinker on your line. Then put the rubber back and it will stay in place. No need to have to untie your line, thread a sinker and the retie the line.

That wastes valuable time. And if it is cold outside then it can be a real effort to do this with gloves on.

Now you can really play around with how much weight you need to cast or get your bait where you need it. Whether that is on bottom or somewhere in the middle of the water column.
Features and Specifications

  • Includes 46 pieces

  • 1/16 oz:15pcs, 1/8 oz:10pcs, 1/4 oz:7pcs, 3/8 oz:5pcs, 1/2 oz:4pcs, 3/4 oz:3pcs, 1 oz:2pcs

  • Streamlined for easy casting

  • Made of electrolytic lead

Decision Time

You may think of these as just being sinkers and not terribly important. And, maybe you can live without them. Until you actually use one and realize that they are much easier to cast than a big sinker tied onto your line that is flailing about. You get much better placement with your cast.

Have you ever had your terminal tackle all set and ready to go when you realized you forgot to tie on your sinker? You won’t ever have to cut the line to retie everything if you are using these rubber core sinkers.

Great variety of sizes

Can add or take weight away in seconds

Casts well

Grips the line


Made of lead

Rubber core can rip

6. LotFancy 30 PCS Metal Fishing Lures

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Spinning lures or jigs are metal blades attached to a hook by a wire. Just about any fish will hit a spinning jig. The shine and the vibration mimics a small baitfish perfectly.

It’s always a good idea to keep stocked up on many different varieties as each kind has it’s benefits.
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Different weights and designs for different needs

Fish can see the flash of the revolving blade even in murky water. The vibration of the blade is felt by the lateral line on the side of the fish.

Spinners are relatively easy to use, they will catch fish with a simple straight retrieve, and when a fish strikes a spinner, they hit it hard. Most times you don’t even need to set the hook.

In this set you get four basic shapes of metal blades all with different colors and designs. What attracts the fish to the lure of spinner is the blade.

The type of blade and shape will determine the depth and vibration of a spinner upon retrieve. All blades have a different amount of resistance as it travels through the water. A broad blade will rotate at a greater outward angle from the wire shaft producing a different vibration and go deeper into the water compared to a narrow willow blade which will run tighter to the shaft and spin faster producing less vibration.

Since you get 30 in a pack, you are guaranteed to find the right lure for the right time. Whether you are fishing for bass or trout, catfish or salmon, you will have a great spinner jig that will attract the fish and then catch the fish. Truly one of the best fishing tackles around.
Features and Specifications

  • 30 pieces per pack

  • Size range from 0.98 inches to 1.57 inches in length

  • Weight ranges from ⅛ to 3/16 ounce

  • Treble hook size is .75

  • Lifelike action

Decision Time

Spinning lures are a great go to tool when out on the creeks and lakes. They will catch just about any kind of fish. They work in clear or muddy water and do a great job at mimicking a small baitfish.

Getting this set of 30 is a great idea. You will be losing some of them for sure, so at least you will have plenty of back-ups. Having many different options, either for getting the lure deep, or making a lot of noise, is always good.

Great price

Solidly built

Wide variety of colors and designs



7. Flexzion Fishing Tackles Lures Lot 24 pcs Plastic Floating Crankbaits

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These crankbaits and swimbaits are great for freshwater fishing. With the variety that you get from this pack, you will have the right lure for just about any type of fish you are going after. From catfish to smallmouths, you will be prepared.
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A tool for every occasion

You are really prepared for whatever situation you find yourself in with this pack of swimbaits and crankbaits and this is why it's been included in our best fishing tackles list.

For surface action there are the lipped divers. They are buoyant and will float when not being retrieved but will simulate a dive because of the lip in front. How deep they dive depends on how big the lips is. These cause a lot of water disruption and are sure to draw a lot of attention.

The minnow crankbait are very versatile and can be presented in a lot of different ways. They can be cranked, twitched, trolled, suspended, or fished top-water to produce strikes. Give them a fast retrieve or a walk the dog slow twitch. Experiment with many different presentations and see what is working for the type of fish present and the water conditions. This set includes lipped and non lipped minnow imitations.

You have some crayfish imitation and chubbie imitations, both with lips to dive and pop. Crank them fast or slow.

Then there are the multi-joint swimmers that the set has. These have a very realistic swimming action that most fish cannot resist. These can be fished on the surface or let them dive deep.
Features and Specifications

  • 24 pieces

  • 2 treble hooks for more hook ups

  • 3D lifelike eyes

  • High quality PVC bodies

  • Stainless steel hooks

  • Economical price

  • Sizes range from 2.95 inches to 3.54 inches

Decision Time

Low price does not always mean low quality as you can see when you purchase these lures. You can catch a lot of fish without spending a ton of money on lures.

I really love how many different types of crankbaits you get with this set.

Great price-average

Durable body

Lots of variety for different species and conditions

Realistic colors and appearance


Split rings are weak and should be swapped out

8. APG Lot 30pcs Fishing Lures

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As I mentioned earlier, when it comes to fishing close to shore at the ponds and creeks, I don’t like to use expensive lures. I still want to catch fish, though, and so the lure does have to actually work. Which is why I absolutely love these for fishing for pan fish like crappie, catfish or bass.
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Lifelike Spoons and Spinners

The manufacturer calls these lures crankbait, but, the reality is that they are spoons and spinners.

And they are very good spoons. They are very shiny on one side and give off a nice sparkle when they catch the light underwater. The other side is painted to look like the various bait that you are likely to find in your fishing area.

The design and the shine give these spoons a very lifelike appearance. They do a great job fooling the fish. Working these lures close to shore during the spring when fish are laying their eggs is prime time, since the bigger fish are feeding and hungry.

The treble hooks are very sharp so you’re not likely to lose many fish once you hook them.
Features and Specifications

  • 30 pieces per pack

  • Life like appearance

  • Sharp treble hooks

  • Very economical price-each piece is less than $.50

  • Sizes range from 2.75 inches to 4.33 inches

Decision Time

Having a wide variety of spinners and spoons as these means being prepared for many different conditions. When you can have so many different types of lures for such a low price then there is no reason to pass them up.

Very inexpensive

Proven to catch fish

Good variety for different types of fish

Hooks stay sharp


Hooks can detach from body. Rings should be swapped out

Some don’t spin well

9. SHELURE Fishing Hooks Saltwater Set

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Sharp hooks are always a must when you are out fishing. When you are using them in soft plastic lures then it is even more important. Then, of course, there is fishing with live bait.
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Special barbed hook design

You will notice the tip of the hook is very long and slender compared to some other standard J hooks. And the barb resembles a shark fin.

This sets them apart from many hooks since the slender tip is much sharper and stays sharp longer. They also penetrate the mouth of the fish much more easily.

Threading these onto a soft plastic lure is a breeze because of how slim the tip of the hook is. Your live bait will live longer due to the sharpness of the hooks since they don’t get torn as easily

The barb on most hooks is just a little snip from the main part of the hook that is then pulled away. It’s sharp and does the job, but they don’t always last long. These barbs on the other hand are part of the mold so they are much thicker and last longer.

Made of high carbon steel, you can feel how solidly made they are just by touching them. These are not likely to snap off or bend when you are fighting a fish.

  • Made of high carbon steel

  • Unique barb

  • Very sharp tip

  • 500 pieces total in set

  • 10 sizes are included from 3# to12#

  • Great for use in saltwater

Decision Time

You never know what size fish you will be catching in the salt. Better to have the right kind of hook in case you end up with a much bigger fish than you expect. If you hook into the fish of a lifetime it would be a shame if you lost it due to a faulty hook.

These hooks are really great for using with jigs like soft plastics.

Great price

Long lasting point and barb

Made of quality material

Lower mortality rate of fish caught



10. Shaddock Fishing ® 300pcs/box 2X Sharp Fishing Circle Hooks

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I’ve had many hooks bend or snap resulting in lost fish. I’ve also had plenty of fish lost because I didn’t get a good hook set. Way too many times I have hooked a fish by the soft lip and as soon as I am getting it out of the water, poof, it’s gone!

You can eradicate both of those problems by getting the Shaddock Offset Octopus Circle hooks.
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Strong hooks, more hook ups and less gut hooked fish

Circle hooks are the ideal design for catching a fish and keeping it on your hook. When a fish grabs hold of your bait and swallows, the offset feature of the hook glides to the corner of the fish’s mouth and hooks it there. There is much less chance of losing the fish since the corner of the mouth is strong.

You don’t even need to forcefully set the hook as you would with J shaped hooks. The circle hook does all the work.

Another bonus to using circle hooks is less gut hooked fish. If you plan to do a lot of catch and release, you will be able to safely remove your hook from the fish and put it back in the water with a high chance of survival.

These Shaddock hooks are very strong and are not likely to bend or break unless you hook into a very large fish when using the smaller hooks. They are resistant to rust and will last a long time.

Features and Specifications

  • 6 different size hooks

  • Sizes: 1#,1/0,2/0,3/0,4/0,5/0

  • 50 pieces per size

  • Color: Black

  • For fresh or salt water

  • Tackle box included

Decision Time

Getting 300 good quality hooks for such a low price makes this a can’t miss. Many states are considering making circle hooks mandatory when fishing with bait, so it makes sense to stock up on these.

Very strong high carbon steel

Less lost fish

Easy to set hook

No gut hooked fish

Economical price



Final thoughts

I hope this review of the best fishing tackles helps you get ready for the upcoming fishing season.  If you keep your bag stocked with these essentials you should be able to have a lot of fun catching some fish.

Whether you are just fishing off a pier with your kids for sunfish for fun or you take fishing a little more seriously and want to bring home some supper, you have everything you need to get started.