Best Waist Packs Reviewed and Compared

When you are out on your fishing boat, whether you are with some friends or by yourself, you know there will be times when you run into trouble. Whether it’s needing to cut a line in a hurry because it gets caught in something it shouldn’t have or if you are catching so many fish that you are having a hard time resetting the line quickly and efficiently. There are many different kinds of scenarios you can face while out on the waters, and it used to be that you could not carry everything you need with you in a nice and convenient space. But with the advent of the Waist Pack, there is now a chance for you to have everything you need at your fingertips.

Our Top 3 Picks

One Tigris Bag
  • One Tigris Bag
  • 5 out of 5
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  • Strong
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Piscifun Waist Pack
  • Piscifun Waist Pack
  • 4.6 out of 5
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  • Lots of pockets
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Maxcatch Waist Pack
  • Maxcatch Waist Pack
  • 4.2 out of 5
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  • Large
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The Waist Pack is like a fanny pack, but with a lot more capabilities. Most fanny packs only have a zipper pocket, and things can still get jumbled inside. However, with a waist pack, everything you will need for your day of fishing will be readily available for you at the time when you need it the most. Due to the numerous amounts of pockets and storage places within the waist pack, you can strategically choose all of the items you need and ensure they are exactly where you want them for when you need them.

Within this buying guide, we are going to cover what makes a great waist pack, and how this kind of product is different in comparison to a vest. In addition, we’re going to provide you with 10 different products, offering up our own reviews of each product, so you can make an educated decision on which kind of waist pack you want to go with. Throughout the course of this post, we’ll also offer helpful tips and pointers for you to consider as you make the wise choice of purchasing a waist pack for your fishing needs.

With all of these thoughts in mind, let’s get started!


We reviewed each item on our list in detail for you to be able to make the best choice.

1. One Tigris Tactical Deployment Compact Bag

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Number 1 on our best waist packs list, this waist pack comes with a shoulder strap, so you can either carry it over your shoulder or around your body as needed.
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The pack is made out of nylon material which is high-density, so you know it will be durable during any fishing trip you take. The main part of this waist pack can be opened or closed using the big zipper along the bag. There are also two different pouches which are also zippered. In addition to these compartments, the nylon material allows you to easily hook other items to this bag, so you are not limited to just the inside area of this waist pack.

Made out of a Strong Nylon Material

Can be used as either a waist packet or a shoulder strap

Zipper system means you will have a tight seal

Available in four different colors


Big compartment area could make it easy to lose items

Very big for a waist pack

2. Piscifin Multiple Pocket Waist Pack

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This waist pack from Piscifin is fully adjustable, and can stretch out to 45” in width. The biggest pocket with this waist pack is double zippered, which means you can easily set the zippers to where you can quickly unzip the side of the bag you need.
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There are 3 different pouches along the front of the pack as well, all with a different closing system. This gives you the flexibility needed to carry a variety of different materials in a manner which will allow you to easily access them as needed. There is also a small pocket along the back of the waist pack, which is in touch with your body, where you can easily store something the size of your cell phone.

Main compartment area is double zipped

Has multiple pockets along the front, each with different closing structures

Pocket along back is great for your phone

Fairly inexpensive in comparison to other waist packs in the market


Only comes in a camouflage design

No shoulder strap

3. Maxcatch Fly Fishing Chest Bag

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For those who need a little bit more storage than what a waist pack can provide, this chest bag will give you a lot of extra storage.
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The main area of this pack is zippered up, which means that it will protect your gear from the outside weather elements. There are plenty of tabs and loops along this chest pack, which will allow you to carry some high volume items in a very easy and convenient way. The straps for this chest bag are all fully adjustable, so you can ensure you can wear it at the optimum level.

Large main storage area

Straps which go around your waist and neck for a secure fit

Mesh inside ensures your items stay warm and dry

Has various tabs and loops to carry items along the outside


Only available in one color

Puts extra stress on your shoulders

4. Piscifin Portable Fishing Bag

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This waist pack from Piscifin comes in six different colors, so you are sure to find one which matches your personality.
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The strap from the waist comes with a quick release function, so you can easily snap it into place or take it off as needed. The belt can be adjusted to be 56” in length, which means it should be able to fit around your waist with ease. This waist pack is very light, only weighing 10.5 ounces. This waist pack comes with two main pockets, along with five other pockets.

Comes in six different designs

Has seven total pockets, along with a steel clip along the front

Available in six different colors

Large pockets have a zipper closure on them


No dividers within main pocket area

Doesn’t come with shoulder straps

5. Damero Fishing Tackle Waist Bag

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There are two main pockets along this fishing waist bag, both of which are fully secured with a zipper enclosure.
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This bag comes with the capability of being worn around your waist, as well as over your shoulder, so you can find the right solution to carry the bag as needed. This waist bag is made out of a cloth material, and has a camouflage design. The waist pack is 12” x 6”, allowing you to store a variety of different items within the waist pack.

Two main pocket areas

Has an easy to use buckle release

The strap is adjustable to fit most waist sizes

Zipper enclosure ensures your belongings stay dry


Only comes in the camouflage design

No secondary dividers within the main storage areas

6. G4Free Versatile Tactical Fishing Waist Pack

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This waist pack from G4Free is made out of a heavy duty nylon material, meaning it will be durable and long-lasting. This pack is just over a foot long, along with being close to 6” deep.
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The waist pack comes with an adjustable waist band, which also has a quick release buckle, so you are certain to be able to adjust the strap to the right width to fit your body. The main compartment of the pack has a zipper enclosure, so all of your items will be safe thru any kind of inclement weather. There is also a secondary pouch for you to keep smaller items like your credit cards or ID card.

Comes with a shoulder strap if you prefer to carry your pack in this manner

Zipper enclosure will ensure your items stay dry

Big compartment area will allow you to carry everything you need

Loops along outside allow you to store extra items


Only comes in a camouflage design

Compartment does not have extra dividers

7. Blisswill Outdoor Waterproof Waist Pack

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This waist pack option from Blisswill is made out of a 2000D Nylon fabric, meaning it is very strong and durable.
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Not only this, but because of how dense the material is, it will protect your belongings from any inclement weather. The strap of this waist pack is detachable, which will allow you to carry this using your waist, your shoulders or to carry it with your hands. This pack comes with four different pockets, along with a mesh outside area so you can clip on even more items.

A fully adjustable and detachable strap

Comprised of a strong nylon material and a Mesh area for extra storage

A big compartment, as this pack is 14” x 6” x 5”

Comes in two different color options


Big compartment area does not come with extra dividers

Cost is a little high in comparison to other models within the market

8. HILLPOW Outdoor Fishing Waist Pack

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HILLPOW has this waist pack in the marketplace, which is made from a long-lasting environmentally friendly material, which is a high strength ABS.
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The main compartment has a zipper enclosure, and the size of the compartment is 11” x 8” x 4”. There is also one other pocket on this waist pack, and this comes with a vest for your fishing pole, which is made out of the same design. The strap is adjustable, ensuring you can fit it around any waist.

Comes with a vest for your fishing pole

The strap is made out of a military nylon webbing

There are extra storage areas along the outside of the pack

Has a good price point within the marketplace


Only comes in a green camouflage design

Big compartment area does not have extra dividers

9. Maya Multifunctional Fishing Waist Pack

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With an empty weight of less than one pound, this very lightweight waist pack from Maya will ensure it does not put a strain on your body.
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There are four pocketed areas within this pack, all of which have a zipper enclosure to ensure a tight storage area. You can wear this pack along your waist or over your shoulder, depending upon your needs. There is also a side storage spot for you to carry a bottle of your favorite drink.

Three pockets within this waist pack allow for you to carry a multitude of items

This pack was designed by Fishermen for Fishermen

Side pocket has loops for you to store extra items onto the pack

Pockets have zipper enclosures


Only comes in a green color

Main compartment area does not have extra dividers

10. SeaKnight SK001 Multipurpose Waist Pack

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This multipurpose waist pack from SeaKnight has four different layers to it, meaning you can find the right storage solution for any of your fishing needs.
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Each layer has a zipper enclosure, so you can be confident that your materials will stay nice and dry during inclement weather. The bag itself is very lightweight, as it weighs less than .75 lbs. empty. The belt for this waist pack is adjustable, and comes with a quick release buckle. There is also a pocket along the back end of the top, which is great for those items you need to reach quickly.

Comes in two different camouflage designs

Dimension of the bag are 12” x 4 ½” x 5 ¾”

Fully adjustable strap

Has extra storage capacity to hang things off the front and back of the pack


Made from a low density nylon material

Main compartments do not have extra dividers

What makes a Great Waist Pack?

For fisherman of all ages and skill levels, when it comes to carrying their supplies, there are two different methods for them to choose from. One is the Waist Pack we are talking about within this article, and the other method is using a vest. Twenty years ago, almost all fishermen used a vest. This vest was an easy way for them to keep hooks, bobbers and other essential items for their fishing trip. There are some comforts with the vest, as there is more room on a vest in comparison to a waist pack. Also, the weight of the vest is distributed across all of your shoulder area, rather than having to any pain or discomfort come to your back. However, when you use a vest, there are some drawbacks as well.

The major one is it is hard to find things on your vest. Although there is more room overall on a vest, the only useable area along the vest is the front of the vest. And even along the front, really only the lower half of the vest is ideal, as the upper half is too close to your eyes, which can make it very difficult for you to see and judge where the actual items are along the vest. Unless you just have a feel for where the items are, you could end up pulling out the wrong item and causing more frustration than benefit. There is a proper place for every item you want, but you have to be very skilled in your knowledge of how to get the item you want.

Another thing against the vest is that there are not many pockets on a vest, and what pockets there are within the vest are not very deep. This tends to cause you to have to use some hooks along the outside of the vest to store certain items. Because of this, the items on the vest do not hold up well in weather and could become damaged easier in comparison to using a waist pack. A vest will provide you an extra layer of protection in cold and windy weather, but when the temperature is hot and humid, the vest will cause you to sweat more and become more uncomfortable, which defeats the purpose of your fishing trip.

A waist pack will allow you to store the necessary items you need for your day fishing trip, while also keeping things organized in an easy to find location. Within any waist pack, no matter how small or large of a pack you choose, there will be a way to close up the pack to ensure the contents within the pack do not get affected by any adverse weather. By allowing the contents to stay dry, they will perform at a higher level, and will be easier to handle when it is time.


Another advantage of the waist pack is that most of them are made from a lightweight material, which will mean that at times you might not even remember you are wearing a waist pack because of how light it is. Not only this, you do not need to make adjustments to how your waist pack is carried by your body very often, especially in comparison to how often you need to adjust a vest in order to get it to feel better. A vest can become more of a burden the longer the day becomes, which means it will irritate you and cause you to become more uncomfortable. With a waist pack, it is very easy to remove if needed for any reason, which also makes it very easy to put back on.


Not only this, but most of them are adjustable in how wide they can become, which makes it very easy to find one that will fit you, no matter how small or wide of a waist you have. When it comes to vest, they only tend to come in regular sizes, which may or may not fit your upper body. In some areas, they may be tight, and in other areas the vest might be too loose. With a Waist Pack, it is very easy to transfer the pack from one person to another, and having this versatility means this pack can be carried by numerous people throughout the course of the day, allowing you to each be responsible for all of the contents inside.

Within each waist pack, you will often times have multiple pockets and areas, which they themselves could be fully adjustable. Some packs will come with pockets that can close with Velcro, whereas others will use buttons or zippers. This is a personal preference concerning which type of closing fixture you want with the pockets, and which is easier for you to wrap your fingers around. Some of the zippers could be smaller, which means if you have larger fingers it could be tough to zip and unzip.

Another thing that the waist pack offers you is the ability to have better balance as you move throughout the day. A vest, especially if it is not properly fitted and doesn’t close right, can get in your way as you lean over and attempt to grab something which is lower to the ground. A waist pack will tend to be out of the way, and you can move the waist pack to where it rests against your back, so as you bend up and down you can be assured that it will not get in your way.

Another benefit of the waist pack is that it will force you to truly think about what is important, as you can only fit so many things in the waist pack. There are many things you might carry with you now that you might only use once a year or even less; by utilizing a waist pack, it’ll force you to cut down to only have the right amount of the required items you need. This will allow you to be more agile on your fishing day, and ensure you can find what you need very quickly and easily when you need it.

Factors to Consider

There are a couple of minor drawbacks with waist packs, which you should be aware of before you purchase so there are no surprises. One is that you can only normally pack one day’s worth of stuff within a waist pack. This means if you are taking a trip which will be more than one day, that you will need to bring a couple of different bags; one which will have all the items, and then your waist pack which will only have the items you need for that day.

Additionally, if you have any items which might be heavier, they may not fit so well within a waist pack. The heavier the waist pack, the more burden it will cause you over the course of the day. A waist pack is intended to carry a lot of items, but those items should be smaller and lighter in size. If you even have one item which is heavier, it can throw the balance of the waist pack off. You need to make sure you know what the most weight is that you feel comfortable in carrying within each waist pack, and then find all the items that will fit within that weight limit.


Once you have decided that is time to ditch your vest and go with a waist pack, your shoulders and back will be very thankful for the change. The waist pack will be able to provide you with a lot of flexibility while also allowing you to have all the necessary items needed on a day of fishing. The waist pack will give you the best way to have variety with what you carry from one trip to another, which will mean you can attempt a large assortment of combinations until you find out what works best for you and your needs.

Once you have purchased your new waist pack and possibly one from our best waist packs list, please feel free to let us know which one you have chosen, and why. You can also let us know how it is performing for you, and whether you would recommend that waist pack to everyone else. Thank you for taking the time to read this article, and we hope you have a great day!