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rod with glass fiber
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Okuma Tundra Surf Glass Spinning Rod Review
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There is nothing that frustrates a surf fisherman more than when the surf is rolling and you can see where they are breaking. You know that there are big fish right at the edge of the break, but it’s just out of casting range. That’s when you need the Okuma Tundra Surf Glass Spinning rod.   At ...
we tested the best fishing life vests for this year Buying Guide
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Best Fishing Life Vests Reviewed
When you think of all of the items you need for fishing, what comes to mind? Fishing pole? Bait? Fishing Net? Bucket to carry the Fish? A Fishing shirt? These are normally the items which are thought of first. After these items, you start getting into the area of fishing bags and ...
Make the smartest choice when it comes to the best tackle backpacks Buying Guide
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Best Tackle Backpacks Reviewed
When it comes to fishing, there are certain accessories which make your experience much better because of how much more efficient you can be while in the water. Although you can always buy a new fishing pole, the amount that a new pole will increase your fishing experience is minimal. The same is tru...
We tested the best reel cleaning kits for better reel maintenance Buying Guide
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Best Reel Cleaning Kits Reviewed
You’ve bought all of your materials you need for fishing, and are ready to go out and catch some fish while relaxing out on the water. You get up early, make the trek to where you put the boat into the water, and go out onto the water. You have a decent day of catching some fish, but it really wasn’t...
we tried out and reviewed the best fishing shirts around. Buying Guide
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Best Fishing Shirts Reviewed and Tested
When preparing for a fishing trip, there are many things which you need to do in order to properly prepare for your expedition. Not only do you need to make sure your fishing rod, line and lures are all packed and ready to go, but you also need to make sure your tackle box is fully stocked. In additi...
We reviewed the best fishing bags and rated each for quality Buying Guide
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Best Fishing Bags Reviewed and Tested
Anytime you go out on a fishing trip, there are a variety of items you need to take with you, even more than you may realize. When people think about fishing, they mostly just think about having a pole and some bait, and go out to the water and catch some fish. Seems, pretty reasonable, right? Howeve...
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