Humminbird PiranhaMAX 176i Fish Finder Review

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Humminbird PiranhaMAX 176i Fish Finder Review

Humminbird 4086701 PiranhaMAX 176i
Humminbird 4086701 PiranhaMAX 176i

If you tend to have trouble locating fish on your trips to the lake or ocean, a fish finder unit may be the solution to your problems. A fish finder unit displays the location of fish for you, so all you have to focus on is actually catching the fish. One fish finder unit that may prove to be perfect for your needs is the Humminbird 4086701 PiranhaMAX 176i.


The display of the Humminbird 4086701 PiranhaMAX 176i is four inches in size when measured diagonally. While this is by no means large, there are many other fish finder units on the market with smaller displays. The display supports only 16-level gray scale, which can be unfortunate if you’re used to fish finder units with color displays.

The main advantage of the Humminbird 4086701 PiranhaMAX 176i’s display is the resolution. At 240V x 160H, the resolution of this fish finder unit is absolutely amazing, especially when you consider the somewhat small size of the display.

Dual Beam Sonar

The Humminbird 408601 PiranhaMAX 176i utilizes the Dual Beam sonar to detect fish in the waters. The sonar frequency of the Humminbird 408601 PiranhaMAX 176i is 200/455kHz. This traditional Humminbird sonar is best for use in deeper water.

With the Dual Beam sonar, you get the best of everything. You can choose to view the narrow beam, the wide beam, or both beams meshed into one display. The narrow 16° beam is best for revealing hidden fish at the bottom as well as revealing the contour of the bottom. On the other hand, the wider 28° beam gives better coverage of both bait fish and fish. Overall, the Dual Beam sonar enables anglers to target both fish and structure.

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Internal GPS Receiver

Humminbird 4086701 PiranhaMAX 176i Fish Finder
Humminbird 4086701 PiranhaMAX 176i Fish Finder

The Humminbird 4086701 PiranhaMAX 176i Fish Finder comes equipped with an internal GPS receiver. While this may not sound handy to you at first, there are many situations in which a fish finder unit with an internal GPS receiver could prove handy on a fishing trip. For example, if you were to get lost, the GPS could be a literal lifesaver.

This device’s internal GPS allows you to take a look at your course of ground as well as your track. You can also use the fish finder unit to mark way points on the internal map. Finally, you can use this Humminbird’s internal GPS receiver to get your GPS speed.


If you enjoy fishing at night, the Humminbird 4086701 PiranhaMAX 176i Fish Finder is perfect for your needs. The display of this fish finder unit comes equipped with a backlight for easy use during the night, or when it’s especially foggy outside.

Another advantage of this fish finder unit is that it was constructed to be waterproof. For some reason, many fish finders on the market aren’t waterproof, which makes no sense since they’re going to be used around plenty of water.


In general, the Humminbird 4086701 PiranhaMAX 176i has many things going for it, such as its wonderful sonar and the high resolution of its display.

A huge disadvantage of this Humminbird fish finder unit is that you may have to reset it repeatedly. This unit has a tendency to give very inaccurate information every once in a while, and you will have to reset it each time to fix it.

Video Demonstration

Check this video out about how PiranhaMAX 176i performs in water.


As you can see, the many merits of the Humminbird 4086701 PiranhaMAX 176i makes it a truly worthwhile purchase. This is especially true when you consider the relatively low price of this fish finder unit, as so many other units on the market cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.