Best Fishing Hats Reviewed and Compared

As I like to say, anything that can keep me out fishing longer is a welcome addition to my assortment of tricks and tools.

A fishing hat might seem like an afterthought. The reality is that the best fishing hats will provide relief from the elements better than an ordinary hat. And, that keeps you fishing longer.

So, you can say that a good fishing hat will help you catch fish. That’s never a bad thing in my book!

Our Top 3 Picks

Camo Coll Outdoor Cap
  • Camo Coll Outdoor Cap
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Lightweight
  • Price: See Here
Ddyoutdoor™ 07-281 Cap
  • Ddyoutdoor™ 07-281 Cap
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Great price
  • Price: See Here
Go-to Daily Summer Hat
  • Go-to Daily Summer Hat
  • 4.2 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Washable
  • Price: See Here

10 Best Fishing Hats


1. Camo Coll Outdoor

One size does actually fit all when you are talking about the Camo Coll Sun Cap.
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Stretchy and comfortable

Usually I like to stay away from one size fits all type of clothing. This hat is definitely exactly as advertised. The entire hate is stretchy since it is made with a combination of polyester and cotton. But the brim is adjustable and elastic. That will give you a nice, snug fit no matter your hat size.

The two different materials make it comfortable. The cotton is soft and stretchy and the polyester is lightweight and wicks moisture. If it were all polyester, it would probably make you heat up and all cotton would be terrible at wicking the moisture away from your head.

The brim has a firmness to it to keep it’s shape but it has some flex to it. You can move it around to how you like it so it’s a bit customizable.

What I really love is the mesh around the top of the hat. It allows the moisture from your sweat to escape the hat and keeps you cool.

Decision Time

This is a classic outdoors hat that is very versatile. Since it has so many of the qualities you need a hat to have when you go fishing, I think it’s great.

It’s is water resistant. If you are fishing, chances are pretty good it will get wet and that won’t be an issue. It also resists stains. Hopefully you have the chance to get the hat dirty from gutting a fish! If you catch it quickly enough most stains can be spot washed. It will stay on your head if it is windy since it has a handy chin strap. And, it won’t cause you to overheat.

When you consider what you get for the price it makes for a great purchase. It doesn’t have a neck flap but the brim is so wide that it does a good job covering most people’s neck.



Wicks moisture


Wrinkle resistant

Adjustable chin strap

Water resistant


No neck flap

2. Ddyoutdoor™

This hat has you prepared for just about any eventuality. Blazing sun, rain, wind, bugs, you name it. You won’t win any style points with this hat, but if it helps you fish longer than you won’t care.
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All over protection

Having a hat that can protect so much of you from so many conditions is beyond ideal. For some they couldn’t fish without it.

Most fishing is done in the summer when the sun is strongest. You won’t get any exposure on your head, neck, nose or anywhere else really while wearing it. It’s great for all seasons though since the flaps are removable.

If it’s not that sunny, then just take the flaps off and fish with ease. One thing I will say about that all over protection is that is isn’t easy to see peripherally sometimes. So, when it isn’t necessary to have those flaps down, it’s nice to have the option to remove them.

With or without the flaps, the oversized brim will keep the sun out of your eyes and off of most of your face as well.

Being so covered could cause you to overheat, but with the convenient vents around the entire perimeter of the hat and in front of the mouth, the moist air and heat have a chance to escape, keeping you cool. And being so covered can keep you warm since you get superior protection against the wind.

It’s lightweight even with all the flaps on it. The nylon material is also treated with UV protection up to 50 UPF. Some cheaper lightweight hats don’t offer much protection from the sun since the UV rays are able to get through. Luckily, that is not an issue with this hat.

Decision Time

You get as much coverage as you need with this hat. Without the flaps you get a oversized brim bucket hat with ample mesh vents. That alone makes this hat worth the little money that it costs.

Add in the ability to add flaps to your neck, ears and face by simply snapping them on and you have a real winner here. No matter how sunny it is, or how windy, you have great all over protection.

There are two small negatives. One, the flaps don’t seal to your clothes so the may fly up over your eyes in certain wind conditions. The second problem is that it isn’t very water resistant. Though, the material is very quick drying if it does get wet.

Great price

All over protection from multiple flaps

Adjustable one size fits all

Adjustable and removable chin strap

Flaps are removable

Large air vents


UV protection up to 50 UPF


Face flap can blow around in the wind

Not very water resistant

3. The Go-to Daily

A classic bucket hat that is great for when you don’t need too much protection. Comfortable and soft, it gets the job done.
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A classic

When you need a no frills, easy to wear fishing hat, a classic bucket hat works great. This one is 100% cotton and fits heads from medium to large. It is stretchable so it will fit most people.

Since it is cotton it is very soft and comfortable. It is totally crushable so it can be folded and put wherever you need to keep it. When you are short on space with all of your gear, it’s nice that it doesn’t take up much room. It’s also washable, but be careful when drying. It’s cotton so it could shrink a little.

There are a couple of brass holes for ventilation so you don’t overheat.

If you are concerned about style, the hat comes in a variety of colors. Finding one that fits your taste won’t be a problem.

Decision Time

When you need to have a cheap hat that can take lots of abuse then you could not do much better than this classic bucket hat. It won’t offer as much protection as the other hats reviewed here, but it gets the job done when you just need something to cover your head and keep the sun out of your eyes.

Great price


Classic style

Crushable and stowable

Soft and comfortable


Brim is short

Doesn’t cover the neck

Cotton is not very breathable

4. Fantastic Zone Twill Aussie

You don’t need to be Australian to love this Aussie inspired cotton bucket hat. The side snap, slouch style hat isn’t just for a fashion statement. That side snap has a function that will actually help you fish.
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Keep your hat on

That little side snap was originally used on hats for Australian soldiers and has since become an iconic look.

It’s purpose was to keep their rifle from knocking their hat off. Swinging the rifle upright was always knocking the wide brim hats off of their head so they made a snap on the side to lift the brim.

You may not need to leave room for your rifle, but you can see how swinging a fishing rod could easily knock your hat off. Even though it looks cool, it will also make it a bit easier to fish since you won’t be worrying about losing your hat. A chin strap also helps to keep it on your head. The brim will keep the sun off of your face. The lightweight cotton is comfortable and keeps you cool.

Decision Time

You may not be able to battle all of the elements that nature can throw at you with this fishing hat. You will have a great hat at a great price, though. Especially when you just need something that will be easy to wear and won’t get in your way.

When you just need a hat you can fold up and put in your pocket to take out when the sun hits, you can’t go wrong.

Great price


Soft, comfortable cotton

Wide brim

Side snap

Adjustable chin cord


Only one size-XL

5. The Friendly Swede

Leave it to the Swedes to make a great fishing hat! They love the outdoors and know what a hat needs to be a great accessory.
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Lightweight and breezy

For a hat to make the cut with all of your other fishing gear, you have to want to pack it. When a hat is as comfortable as this one, you will not want to leave without it. It will be an integral part of your fishing routine to pack it up with you.

It’s a one size fits all hat that actually is. It has an adjustable cord that runs along the inside of the hat that can be pulled and tightened to give a snug fit on just about any sized head.

The hat is made out of a light polyester, but the lining is cotton. You get that comfort and breathability of the cotton but the polyester wicks away any moisture. The mesh around the hat will also let any vapor from your sweat whisk away into the air and allow any breeze to cool you off in your hat.

Side Snaps

When your hat brim gets in the way, it’s nice to have the option to snap the sides up to give yourself some room. A swinging rod or even using a cell phone is easier to negotiate when you can lift the brim up on either side of your hat.

Decision Time

You get great coverage on your face and even back of the neck to keep the sun off. The brim is nice and wide. It’s so lightweight and easy to stow that you will always be able to find a place for it even when you are loaded down with gear.

Since there is a lifetime warranty with this hat, I don’t see a reason to not get one. Or two, I should say, since they give two for the price of one. These hats are made by people who love the outdoors and knows what it takes to make a great hat that you will look forward to wearing when you are out fishing.

Two hats for the price of one

Easy to fold

Very breathable

Side snaps

Adjustable to any size head

Chin strap

360 degree breathable mesh

Wide brim

Lifetime warranty



6. Military Camouflage

I love hats that are convertible. When you have options then you only really need one hat.
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Neck flap or no neck flap

In most situations, you only need a wide brim hat to stay protected from the sun. What’s nice about this hat is that you have a neck flap if you need it. It doesn’t detach, but it can be folded up into the hat giving an added layer of protection within the hat itself.

The flap itself is long enough to fold under your jacket or shirt so if it is windy it won’t blow around. When you don’t really need the neck flap you still get plenty of shade on your neck from the wide brim.

Rather than a one size fits all hat, there are various sizes available for purchase. Make sure you have an idea of your head size before you buy.

It is a perfect blend of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. Cotton keeps you cool and the polyester keeps you dry. With a couple of mesh grommets, your sweat will be able to escape from the hat and evaporate away keeping you nice and dry.

Decision Time

Having options like the neck flap and side snaps are great to have when you want to keep things as minimal as possible. Since you can crush this hat up and it won’t lose it’s shape it is easy to take along with you.

With such a low price you can have a couple so you don’t have to worry about losing one or forgetting it at the fishing site.

Great price

Wide brim

Neck flap

Crushable and washable


Side snaps


Adjustable chin cord


Some sizing issues

7. APAS Outdoors

It won’t protect you from everything Mother Nature has in store for you, but, it is a great all around bucket hat. Since it’s small enough to fit into your pocket, it will be with you on most of your fishing adventures.
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Compact and convenient

This hat can fold up to a size just slightly larger than your cell phone. Put it in your pocket and be on your way. The chin cord doubles as a wrap around to keep it folded in a compact little packet.

The cotton polyester blend is also UV rated to keep the harmful rays of the sun from penetrating the hat. Some hats allow UV rays through which defeats the purpose of wearing a hat to begin with.

Four grommets will allow the heat from your head to escape the hat and keep you cool.Some people prefer to have mesh to allow the vapor out of the hat, but if it is windy it’s better to just have a few grommet holes so your head still stays warm.

An adjustable chin cord cinches up to where you like it and will keep your hat on your head in windy conditions. And having snap up sides allow you to keep the sides of your head free to use your cell phone or just keep the brim of the hat out of the way when you are casting a rod.

Decision Time

Since it is a hat that was made for military, it is durable enough to really get put through the ringer and still last you a long time. It will do a great job at keeping you protected from the sun and keep you cool at the same time.

Great price

Folds into compact package

UV protection

Side snaps

Adjustable chin strap



Only one size and not adjustable

8. G4Free Anti-UV

This hat is not only one of the most versatile fishing hats out there, it even looks great on a lady. If you are one of the lucky ones that has a wife or girlfriend that likes to fish then even she will appreciate a hat like this.
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Versatility and practicality

When a hat can do it all and really offer up a lot of protection you have hit on a real winner.

The wide brim in the front keeps the sun out of your eyes. The neck flap covers your ears as well as your neck and snaps up if you don’t want to use it. To give yourself a snug fit, there is a cinch on the back that is easily adjustable. There is mesh on both sides of the hat to let all the moisture out as you sweat.

The material is nylon so it’s lightweight, dries easily and wicks moisture away from your skin to keep you dry.

It block UV from the sun at a 40+ rating so even though the material is thin enough to be lightweight, you are still protected.

The chin strap is adjustable and cinches tightly. Since the cord attaches to your shirt, there’s no need to worry about it flying off on windy days.

Decision Time

This could very well my favorite fishing hat. It has all the bases covered while still looking stylish. I know I said style shouldn’t be a consideration. Fish don’t care what you look like! It still is nice to have something that works extremely well and still looks nice, however.

I really love having an all in one and convertible hat. I’d rather not have different hats that I take for different occasions. This is really the only fishing hat you need.


Unisex for him or for her

UV protection

Neck flap

Mesh sides

Wicks moisture away and is quick drying

Adjustable sizes

Chin strap

Attaches to shirt



9. Sun Blocker

Getting all around protection from just one hat is ideal. That’s why this hat is popular with people that fish in wet and windy areas. Good fly fishing cap too!
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Get out of the sun, rain and wind

This is another all-in-one hat that really gets the job done. It is really big when it is opened up, but it does fold up nicely to store it away. You get an oversized neck flap that also protects the ears. If it’s rainy, you won’t have that water end up running down your back or getting into your ears.

And since it is waterproof, rain and mud roll right off of the lightweight material.

The huge brim does a great job at shielding your eyes from the sun and the UV coating will protect your head from the harmful rays of the sun.

Decision Time

This may not be a fishing hat that you wear every time you go out no matter the conditions. It’s really a great hat to have in your arsenal for when the weather isn’t cooperating. Whether it’s from too much sun, or rain or wind, you are covered, however.

Since it is made from nylon it can be bunched up and stowed very easily. Keep it handy from then the weather changes on you.

Adjustable sizing for one size fits all

Oversized brim

Big neck flap also covers ears


UV protection

Mesh sides for airflow


Dries quickly

Adjustable chin strap

Moisture dispersing sweatband


Oversized flaps can get in the way

10. Stormy Kromer

Fish even when it’s cold outside with this very warm, wool fishing cap.
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Keeps you warm and dry

Fishing in the cold is obviously a challenge. When you are wearing the right gear it can be quite pleasant. And, you usually have the fish to yourself since not many people will brave the cold conditions to catch fish.

This hat will extend your fishing season and keep you catching those fish. It’s wool so it does a great job at keeping you warm, but also dry. It wicks moisture away and stays warms even if it’s wet. With an added layer of Thinsulate inside, it heats up nicely.

The brim is just the right size to keep any winter sun out of your eyes. If it’s raining it will also keep the rain from getting on your face. Since it is wool it is also essentially water proof. It will get wet, but it won’t soak through getting your head wet. That’s a big reason wool has been so popular with sailors for thousands of years. It’s a great material for many weather conditions.

Wool also resists mildew and is hypoallergenic.

Decision Time

An added bonus besides making for a great fishing hat, is that this hat works great even when you are just out and about and it’s cold and wet. All the same properties that make it a wonderful hat for fishing will also help if you are out doing your shopping!

For those that want to be out fishing no matter what time of year it is, then you need a hat like this that will keep you warm and dry. You will get all the protection you need against the wind and rain, and even sun, with this classic wool hat.

Keeps you very warm


Fleece lined

Keeps you dry

Protects the ears



Ear flaps should be a bit bigger

What you need in a good fishing hat


The only reason to wear any hat is for protection. To protect yourself against the wet, cold, sun, wind. Whatever the elements are that you will face, you will need the right hat for the job.


A very close second place to protection is comfort. If your hat is not comfortable, then you’re not likely to wear it again when you need it. If it is soft. Keeps you cool or warm. Isn’t too tight or too loose. Is lightweight. A good fishing hat should be all of these things to be comfortable enough to want to wear even if the conditions are not even that bad.


If a hat traps in the heat from your head, then it will make you sweat and be uncomfortable. And when you sweat the moisture needs to go somewhere. Cheap hats will trap the heat and hold the moisture so you end up with a wet hat on your head. Not the most comfortable thing.

Good fishing hats will be made with material that wicks moisture away from your skin. It should also have either vents or mesh fabric to let the vapors out easily before they have a chance to get caught in the hat’s material.


Your hat will be put through some tough times. Rain, wind, salt, being thrown in a bag and forgotten about. It needs to survive the harsh treatment you will be throwing at it. Make sure it’s made with good, strong material so it can keep taking care of you even when you aren’t taking care of it.


This is the least important factor when trying to choose the right fisherman hat. In fact, I’ll admit, some of the fishing hats I have reviewed here are pretty ugly to look at. Fish don’t care how good you look when you catch them. And, if you are trying to impress the other fisherman out there, don’t bother. They will not be impressed by your style.

That being said, you may not be comfortable wearing a bamboo Asian style cone hat. And, fishing trucker hats might not work for others. Style is a consideration after all, but it should never be the top priority when looking for the best fishing hats.


Which is the most suitable fishing hat?

Fishing hats come in different sizes, styles and colors. Listed are some of the most commonly used styles:

1. Baseball Caps- The typical baseball cap also works great as a fishing hat. Baseball cap is a good option for a fishing hat during humid weather conditions. Most baseball caps are made from cotton, which will soak up the sweat produced due to heat and humidity.
2. Baseball Sun Cap– This type is similar to the first one, but with the additions of a veil like extension in the front side which serves to protect the eyes, and roll-down cape like extension on the remaining three sides to protect the neck and ear regions. This type of hat is most suitable for individuals who choose to fish in salt flats that are shallow, as the sunlight hits the fisher from multiple angles. Also, the baseball sun cap may be suitable for lengthier periods of fishing.
3. Brimmed Caped Hat- The most typical choice of hat when it comes to fishing, the traditional brimmed and caped hat comes with a neck drape, wide brims, chin straps and is spacious enough to provide ventilation and keep the head of its wearer cool. These style of fishing hat is multi-purposeful and is suitable for any fishing expedition.
4. Bucket Hats- Yet another popular choice for fishing expeditions, the bucket hat provides just enough protection from the sun to enjoy a short and quick fishing experience. However, because it has a relatively shorter brim and does not cover up most of the neck and ear areas, it results in increased exposure to the sun. Therefore, the bucket hats should be avoided for longer fishing trips.

Which is the best color for a fishing hat?

Color is an important factor when selecting fishing hats. It significantly impacts the level of glare that reaches the eyes. Bright color fishing hats may reflect more sunlight and keep the head cooler, however, it will allow more glare to pass through. On the other hand, while darker colored hats absorb more heat, it also blocks more glare. Therefore, the most suitable colors for fishing hats are black, grey and brown.

How much do fishing hats cost?

How much fishing hats cost greatly depends on the type of fishing hat a buyer is looking to purchase. Depending on the style, a fishing hat can cost anywhere between $2 (Baseball Caps) to $150 (high end specialized fishing hats). Depending on the brand, some specialized fishing hats may even cost higher.

Final Thoughts

Knowing what conditions you will be facing in the area you will fish will help you a lot in determining which of these reviewed fishing hats will work best for you.

You may only need a simple bucket hat to keep the sun off the top of your head. Or you may need the extra protection from a neck or face flap. It doesn’t make sense, though, to have an oversized hat with face flap and neck flap if it’s just a slightly warm and mostly cloudy day. Just as it doesn’t make sense to wear a bucket hat when it’s pouring rain or the sun is beating down furiously on your neck.

Once you have determined exactly what the conditions will be like, then you can read through this guide to the best fishing hats and come to the right conclusion about the best hat for you.

Of course, my opinion is the hats that can convert from a bucket hat to a hat that covers the head, neck and ears are the most ideal since they can be worn in just about any scenario, are easy to store and are lightweight.