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we tested the best saltwater casting rods Buying Guide
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Best Saltwater Casting Rods Reviewed and Rated
The fishing rod market is so varied and cluttered with options that it’s difficult to single out what you need as an angler; let alone what rods may be best for you. Saltwater rods require that components have some degree of corrosion resistance in order to continue to function reliably. This is the ...
Our fishermen searched for and tested the best rod holders available. Buying Guide
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Best Fishing Rod Holders Reviewed & Rated
Having your hands free when fishing is really important. Keeping your rod secure while you are busy doing other things is equally important. The best fishing rod holders will not only secure your rods, but, they can also help you catch fish. Some rod holders just keep your rod out of the way, whil...
We tested the best fishing chairs in 2017 and reviewed the top 10. Buying Guide
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Best Fishing Chairs Reviewed and Tested
Anything that helps keep you fishing longer increases your chances of catching that personal best trophy fish or at least helps fill your freezer with fresh filets. Whatever your goal is when fishing, you need the tools to keep you on the water. Can a great fishing chair help you catch fish? Yes! ...
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