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what is the best fishing kayak and what are the important criteria to look for in a kayak for fishing? Buying Guide
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Best Fishing Kayaks Reviewed and Tested
The most effective and exciting way to fish is from a kayak. As an avid kayak fisherman, I have no trouble saying that. I have fished from beaches, piers, boats and now kayaks for fishing and can say, without a doubt, that I have had more fun and caught more fish from a kayak than any other method...
we selected the 5 best kayak fish finders for 2017. Buying Guide
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The Best Kayak Fish Finders Reviewed
A kayak can be one of the best possible ways to see the outdoors. You are truly free on the water and can even sneak up on unsuspecting fish and wildlife that you would never be able to encounter if you were out on a traditional fishing boat. If you are going to have any success fishing, though, you’...
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