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best spincast reels Buying Guide
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Our Fresh ‘Spin’ on Spincast Reels – A Guide to Finding the Best Spincast Reels
Spincast reels are best explained as being a combination between a spinning reel and a baitcasting reel. Spincasts are perfect for you if you’re that angler who’s just started trying to fish and is learning how to get those feet wet. If you’re the angler or you have someone in mind who is just starti...
we reviewed the best fishing jigs on the market Buying Guide
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Best Fishing Jigs Reviews And Ratings
Close your eyes. Imagine you can hear the water rushing past you and the wind in your hair. You can feel your grip strengthen with purpose, because in your hand is your ever-faithful fishing rod and you know that the sport has begun. Now reach down and string your rod, find your bait, and pause. . . ...
we tested the best saltwater casting rods Buying Guide
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Best Saltwater Casting Rods Reviewed and Rated
The fishing rod market is so varied and cluttered with options that it’s difficult to single out what you need as an angler; let alone what rods may be best for you. Saltwater rods require that components have some degree of corrosion resistance in order to continue to function reliably. This is the ...
We tested the best reel cleaning kits for better reel maintenance Buying Guide
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Best Reel Cleaning Kits Reviewed
You’ve bought all of your materials you need for fishing, and are ready to go out and catch some fish while relaxing out on the water. You get up early, make the trek to where you put the boat into the water, and go out onto the water. You have a decent day of catching some fish, but it really wasn’t...
We reviewed the best fishing bags and rated each for quality Buying Guide
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Best Fishing Bags Reviewed and Tested
Anytime you go out on a fishing trip, there are a variety of items you need to take with you, even more than you may realize. When people think about fishing, they mostly just think about having a pole and some bait, and go out to the water and catch some fish. Seems, pretty reasonable, right? Howeve...
We seleced and rated the best waist backs for 2017. Buying Guide
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Best Waist Packs Reviewed and Compared
When you are out on your fishing boat, whether you are with some friends or by yourself, you know there will be times when you run into trouble. Whether it’s needing to cut a line in a hurry because it gets caught in something it shouldn’t have or if you are catching so many fish that you are having ...
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