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we tested the best saltwater casting rods Buying Guide
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Best Saltwater Casting Rods Reviewed and Rated
The fishing rod market is so varied and cluttered with options that it’s difficult to single out what you need as an angler; let alone what rods may be best for you. Saltwater rods require that components have some degree of corrosion resistance in order to continue to function reliably. This is the ...
We asked fishermen to test and rate the best fishing rods for 2017. Buying Guide
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Best Fishing Rod Reviews and Guide
Fishing allows you to combine relaxation and exhilaration within one activity, which is why it is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. Every fisherman is very serious about their fishing, and is very willing to share all kinds of different tactics and tricks which they swear by. Whether it i...
rod with glass fiber
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Okuma Tundra Surf Glass Spinning Rod Review
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There is nothing that frustrates a surf fisherman more than when the surf is rolling and you can see where they are breaking. You know that there are big fish right at the edge of the break, but it’s just out of casting range. That’s when you need the Okuma Tundra Surf Glass Spinning rod.   At ...
 7’ ultra light rod
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Shakespeare Micro Spinning Rod Review
Just as there is a tool for every job, there is a rod for every type of fishing. The Shakespeare Micro Spinning Rod satisfies the angler looking for some ultra light action. The 4’-6” is great for bringing the kids to the local pond for perch or small trout. The more serious angler looking to cast...
 under $30 for the 6’ rod
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Shimano Stimula 2 Piece Spinning Rod Review
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There’s a point in every angler’s life when he just doesn’t want to spend anymore money on tackle. When you’re over your budget for fishing gear but find yourself needing a great rod, you should check out the Shimano Stimula 2 piece spinning rod. I was in such a predicament. I decided to go ...
It might be the light tackle
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Fiblink 3 Piece Spinning Rod Review
What makes fishing so exhilarating is that you never know what yo you may catch. You might be out looking for porgies and hook a huge bluefish instead. Being prepared for anything requires versatile tackle like the Fiblink 3 Piece Spinning Rod. Some fisherman love to take an entire tackle store’s ...
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