The 12 Best Fishing Gloves Reviews in 2021

Gloves may not feel comfortable, but they protect your hands from sharp teeth and fishing lines. Better yet, you have better control and better grip when you have fishing gloves on. Most of the items in your fishing boat and the water can hurt you. The sharp gill plates and spines on fish species such as Snook, bass, and Redfish can cause lacerations on your hands.

There are hundreds of fishing gloves brands to choose from. When shopping, you need a glove that protects your hands and makes the fishing process easier. I created this guide to help you pick the best fishing glove for any type of fishing you undertake.

Review of Top Gloves for Fishing in 2021

1. KastKing Sol Armies Sun Gloves UPF50+ Fishing Gloves

KastKing Sol Armies is a design from anglers for anglers. The SPF 50 gloves feature a fingerless design and are ideal for use during sunny days. It blocks out the harmful UV rays from the sun to keep your hands comfortable and safe.

KastKing uses flexible poly-spandex material that gives the user a snug fit whether male or female. It offers a four-way stretch, which allows it to fit on different hands without affecting its functionality.

Better yet, the material is breathable and wicks away sweat to keep you cool on very hot days. The primary wear points on the palm of the gloves have microfiber padding that enhances their durability. Further, the gloves feature integrated pull tabs that make them easy to put on and off.

Their long cuff ensures they offer maximum protection. All gloves feature a camo pattern in different colors. They are easy to wash, and they dry fast.

2. Palmyth UV Protection Fishing Fingerless Gloves

The Palmyth UV protection gloves sport a UPF 50+ rating. Unlike some other gloves where the sun protection layer is on the surface of the glove, Palmyth weaves the SPF UV protection into the fabric. This way, the protective quality of the gloves is long-lasting. It is ideal for anglers who fish during the hot summer months.

Palmyth uses advanced MythAirflow technology, which enhances moisture transfer to keep your hands dry. The system transports sweat away from the surface of the skin to the outer surface of the gloves where the sweat evaporates fast.

There is partial leather on the index and middle fingers of the gloves to enhance the grip. This makes them better when you are holding fish, trekking poles, fishing rods, and paddles. The material of the gloves is stretchy, lightweight, and waterproof to keep you dry at all times.

Each pair comes with a wrist and fingertip pull that allows you to put on the gloves and pull them off with ease. You can use them for other sporting and outdoor activities besides fishing. Better still, you can wash them in a machine, making them easier to maintain.

3. Glacier Glove Pro Angler

The Glacier Glove Pro Angler is ideal for cold days. This convertible pair of gloves keep you warm in temperatures as low as 36 degrees Fahrenheit. Although you cannot wear it on snowy days, it is still a great glove for sporting activities on cold days.

If you go ice fishing a lot, this pair of gloves will protect your hands. It sports a 2mm fleece-lined neoprene construction. Its pre-curved fingers give the gloves a comfortable fit to enhance their comfort. Further, the gloves sport a Sharkskin texture on the palms, which gives them more grip for when you hold fish and other items.

The thumb and pointer fingers of the gloves are convertible. You can completely cover the fingers to keep off the cold or open up the tips of the thumb and pointer fingers to use your mobile phone or tie your line.

4. The Fishing Tree Fingerless Gloves

This is a fingerless pair of gloves with an SPF and UPF rating of 50+. According to the manufacturer, the gloves have undergone testing from SGS Group, which is an independent testing company, and verified their sun protection quality.

The palms of the unit sport a faux leather construction that enhances the grip and durability of the gloves. The machine-washable gloves are not only ideal for fishing but also cycling, rowing, and other sports. Its breathable spandex and faux leather materials are quick-drying, so you can wash them and wear them within a few hours.

Better yet, the materials give the gloves a four-way stretch quality that allows them to fit snugly. It is a light pair of gloves with an adjustable Velcro strap at the wrist for a better fit. Further, its UV protection comes woven into the material, so it doesn’t wear off when the glove is wet.

5. Berkley Fishing Gloves

The Berkeley Fishing gloves are ideal for handling fish. They sport a rough coating on the palm surface that enhances the grip of the gloves. The pair sports a lightweight construction that enhances its flexibility. It is a highly durable pair of gloves with a snug fit that makes it comfortable on the fingers and the hands.

Even though they are light, the material is still heavy-duty to protect you from the spines and teeth of the fish and any other sharp objects. They are hand and machine washable and the fabric dries fast after washing.

Each pair comes waterproof, so your hands stay dry. However, note that they are not ideal for very cold or very hot days. When the weather is warm, however, the gloves come in handy. Thanks to the rough palm surface, these full-finger-designed gloves give a good grip, but they are not ideal for catch-and-release fishing situations.

6. Palmyth Neoprene Fishing Gloves

This pair of gloves is ideal for cold weather, but not freezing winters. It sports a flip-back design for the thumb and index fingers, allowing you to use your smartphone and manipulate your fishing rod. Under the top neoprene material is a fleece lining that insulates against heat loss.

The neoprene material stretches to offer a snug fit for both men and women. Further, the material is breathable to keep you comfortable if you use it in warm weather. On the palm surface of the gloves is a faux leather construction that enhances the grip and durability of the gloves.

On each glove is an adjustable Velcro strap on the wrist to further enhance the fit of the gloves. However, you still need to measure your wrist and compare that to the sizing chart provided. Choose a size up to get a comfortable fit.

Its two-cut finger design enhances dexterity and maneuverability. This makes the gloves ideal for fishermen, hunters, anglers, photographers, and people in many other sports.

7. Glacier Glove ICE BAY Fishing Glove

The ICE BAY Fishing Glove from Glacier Glove is ideal for ice fishing. When the weather drops below 37 degrees Fahrenheit, the gloves keep you warm inside. Each pair features waterproof neoprene material with a 2mm fleece lining that adds warmth and comfort.

Although the glove’s design makes it great for ice fishing, it is an all-purpose glove that you can use for all sorts of sports. It has a Sharkskin texture on its palm surface that allows you to maintain a firm grip on slippery fish.

All seams on the gloves feel soft while the blind stitching enhances the gloves’ durability. It has an extended cuff that extends the protection from cold. Further, the flexible neoprene stretches offer a snug fit to lock out the cold. At only 0.32 ounces, the gloves are light enough for use all day. Again, they do not have straps and other parts that might make them bulky.

8. Palmyth Flexible Fishing Gloves

These convertible gloves are ideal for fishing and other forms of sports. The three-cut finger design allows you to operate your touchscreen devices and manipulate your fishing equipment as you need. You can use them on temperatures as low as 36 degrees Fahrenheit, but nothing colder than that.

Its neoprene surface is water-repellent and breathable. This ensures that your hands stay dry when you hold fish. If you sweat, the breathable material wicks away the moisture to enhance your comfort. However, the water resistance is not advanced enough to allow you to dip the gloves in water.

Under the neoprene material is a plush fleece lining that keeps you warm and comfortable. The gloves also have a faux leather material on the surface of the palms to enhance grip and durability.

On the wrist is an adjustable Velcro strap from which you can adjust the fit of the gloves. However, you still need to measure your wrist and compare that to the sizing chart for the best fit.

9. Rapala Fillet Glove

The Rapala Fillet Glove sports a unique design that allows you to handle the mess of fishing. Its rugged design makes it durable and protects your hands from any injuries during fishing. You can pick this glove when you need a better grip and for more protection when you fish. You can use it when fishing and off the waters when you need to dress the fish.

The full-finger gloves are lightweight, making them easy to wear all day. They are also flexible for enhanced maneuverability and dexterity. The tough construction keeps your hands safe from fish spines, teeth, and gill plates. However, they are not strong enough to protect you from full front stabs.

It sports a construction of a rich blend of natural and manmade fibers and stainless steel. This blend makes the fiber comfortable and sturdy to last long and protect you while filleting.

10. Glacier Glove Islamorada Sun Glove

The Islamorada Sun Glove lives up to its name. It comes with a UPF 50+ rating that makes it ideal for use on sunny days. It sports an extended cuff for additional protection. The glove is 85 percent Lycra and 15 percent synthetic leather.

The Lycra makes the glove light and flexible for comfort and snug fit. The faux leather on the palm increases the grip and durability of the glove. Even without any straps, the glove fits different sizes of hands for both men and women without sliding off.

The fingerless design of the glove and the breathability of the material ensure the glove stays comfortable and functional during sunny days. It is a form-fitted glove that you can use for many other sports besides fishing.

The gloves are available in different colors and sizes to meet your needs. You have to measure your wrist size to compare with the sizing chart provided.

11. Rapala Marine Fisherman Glove

The Marine Fisherman Glove from Rapala is an ideal pair when you need a waterproof glove. It works well in marine and freshwater bodies, keeping your hands protected and dry. It sports a comfortable construction with rubber, cotton, and polyester.

The rubber material enhances the grip and the waterproofness of the gloves while the cotton adds warmth and comfort. With the polyester material, the glove retains its color and lasts long. On the palm of the gloves, Rapala adds a reinforced grip to make it easier for you to handle fish.

The glove floats on the surface of the water if it happens to fall in it. Its latex coating reduces wear and tear and also enhance grip. You can wash the glove in a machine and wear it within a few hours, thanks to its quick-drying characteristics.

It is only available in black color, but you can choose a large or extra-large pair.

12. Lindy Fish Handling Glove

Lindy Fish Handler is a full-fingered glove designed to offer more protection from fish teeth and spikes. The manufacturer uses super fabric material that is stronger than most other glove materials. According to Lindy, the material offers 800 percent more protection from fish teeth, spines, and any other sharp objects.

If you fear the fish hook or the spine on bass will puncture your hand, this is the pair of gloves to go for. Further, the gloves protect you from chemicals, gas, and oils that may be in fresh and saltwater. The slime from fish and any odors will rinse from the glove with ease.

At the wrist, the glove sports an elastic construction and also has a Velcro strap for a snug fit. Even then, you can choose it in any of the five available sizes from small to 2XL. The small and medium gloves are available in black and yellow while the rest come in orange and black colors.

Fishing Gloves Buyers Guide

What to Consider Before Buying Fishing Gloves

Good fishing gloves should protect you while still allowing maneuverability and dexterity. This means that the gloves should be light enough so that you never feel uncomfortable with them, but tough enough to protect you from cuts.

Below are factors to consider when shopping:

Weather Conditions

Will you use the gloves for ice fishing or fishing during summer days?

Gloves designed for ice fishing sport a thick fleece lining that makes them warm and comfortable. Further, the gloves are waterproof to keep you dry at all times. Ice fishing gloves do not have the same design. Most will protect you only as long as the temperature doesn’t get below 36 degrees Fahrenheit.

Check the temperature rating of the gloves before you buy them. For freezing winter temperatures, you need ultimate protection. Note that, the fleece lining might make the gloves bulky.

If you fish under the hot sun, you need a pair that protects you from the harmful UV rays from the sun. For that, check the Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) and Sun Protection Factor (SPF) rating. A good glove should have an SPF and UPF rating of at least 50.

Some manufacturers allow third parties to test and rate their gloves for sun and UV protection. If a glove you like has a rating from a third party, check the credibility of the testing company online. Most of these gloves are fingerless and with a cuff that extends to protect more skin.

Saltwater or Freshwater Fishing

Saltwater can damage the glove fabric when it accumulates on its surface. If you will fish in marine environments, therefore, you need a glove designed specifically to reduce the buildup of salt. These gloves have a reinforced surface that keeps them sturdy.

Again, saltwater fish species are relatively large. These species will need a glove with more grip for better handling.

When you fish in freshwater, you only need a light and waterproof glove. However, if you go for large fish species such as bass, you need more grip for enhanced handling.

Wet or Dry Conditions

In most cases, you will fish in wet conditions. As such, you need waterproof gloves that keep your hands dry at all times. During cold weather or rainy season, your gloves will take longer to dry, this is where quick-drying and waterproof gloves come in.

If you fish in dry conditions, you need lightweight and breathable gloves. The gloves should wick away moisture from your skin to keep you dry. Gloves with a lightweight material also dry fast if they come into contact with water.


A durable glove gives you value for money. Most fishing gloves have a reinforced palm surface that enhances gloves and also ensures the wear areas are strong. Gloves made of high-quality materials, such as high denier polyester, will last long, but they will cost you more.

Gloves with cheap quality materials will not only wear out fast but will not offer you enough protection. Because you need more protection from your gloves, pick a pair that not only protects you but also gives you value for money.


Manufacturers use different materials on gloves, including rubber, neoprene, cotton, faux leather, spandex, Lycra, and others. The best material should offer great durability and breathability, grip, and still be light. The material should also be tough to protect your hands from injuries.

Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. For instance, rubber gives a good grip, good protection, and waterproofness, but it is less breathable and it feels bulky. Wool is another great material, especially for ice fishing gloves. However, wool is heavy and does not wick away sweat. Neoprene and poly-spandex offer a great balance between protection, dexterity, durability, and breathability.


The general rule of thumb is to buy the best glove affordable. Most of the gloves on the market are affordable. When shopping, consider value for money. You do not need a cheap glove that will only serve you a few days. Instead, go for a high-quality glove that will serve you for several fishing seasons.


The best fishing glove for you should offer a snug fit. Such a glove should not fall off when the bass starts fighting. Most neoprene and poly-spandex gloves have a four-way stretch quality that allows them to fit different hands snugly. These gloves do not need any straps for them to fit comfortably.

Other gloves come with Velcro straps that allow you to adjust them as you need for a comfortable fit. Note that, if the gloves are too big, they will keep coming off, and you have to keep adjusting. If they are too tight, they will feel uncomfortable.

When shopping, measure the circumference of your wrist and use the sizing chart the manufacturer provides to choose the right glove size.

What type of fish will you be handling?

Larger fish such as bass have sharper and stronger spines, teeth, and gill plates. Such fish will require sturdy gloves with Sharkskin grip for better handling. However, if you will only handle small freshwater fish, you only need a waterproof glove that is light for enhances dexterity.

Important Specs to Look For


Waterproof and windproof technology in a pair of gloves keeps your hands dry and comfortable. These two features come in handy during ice fishing or when the temperatures are very low. Note that water-resistant gloves are different from waterproof gloves.

While water-resistant gloves will protect you from occasional splash, waterproof gloves will keep you dry even if you dip your hands in water.

Windproof gloves protect you from the biting and chilly wind to keep you comfortable when you fish.

SPF & UPF Rating

Sun Protection Factor and Ultraviolet Protection Factor ratings show how much a pair of gloves protect you from the sun. While ordinary gloves keep you warm and dry, these gloves block the rays of the sun from reaching your skin. They are ideal when you need to protect your skin from sunburn and black lesions that may form after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

When shopping, go for gloves with a UPF and SPF rating of 50 or more.


Breathability is the ability of a material to wick away moisture from the surface of the skin to the surface of the glove. Breathable gloves are ideal during sunny days when you need to keep the temperature of your hands down. The gloves allow sufficient air circulation so that your hands stay comfortable.

Reinforced Palms Section and Casting Finger

Most manufacturers use faux leather to add grip to the palm of the glove and also make the glove durable. The palm experiences the most friction and reinforcing it with faux leather ensures it doesn’t wear off with ease. Like the palm, the casting finger is also prone to fast wear and needs reinforcing.

Adjustable Velcro Wrist Straps

While adjustable Velcro on the wrist straps might make the gloves bulky, they also allow a snug fit. You can adjust the straps to ensure the gloves fit nicely. The Velcro straps also allow you to lock in the warmth during cold weather.

Finger Slits

Finger slits are available in convertible gloves. Here, you can open up the tips of a few fingers on your gloves when you need to use your bare fingers. The slits are ideal when you need to use touchscreen devices or when you need to adjust your fishing tools.

The slits are ideal during cold days when you need full-finger gloves, and you still need to use your touchscreen device without removing the gloves.

4 Types of Fishing Gloves


These gloves lack fingertips. They are ideal during warm weather when you need enhanced breathability. They offer great dexterity and allow you to use your bare fingers on touchscreen devices. While the glove protects your palm, your fingers are open and exposed to dangers.

Full Finger

These gloves offer the best protection from cold, the sun, and from any injuries. The gloves cover your entire hand, including the palm and the fingers. Most of these come with an extended cuff to cover more skin for added protection.

If you fish in wet conditions, these gloves will give you more protection. However, they are not ideal if you often take photos using your smartphone. You might also have to remove them when you need to tie knots or hook baits.

Slit Finger

These are full-finger gloves with a slit on the side through which you can remove your fingers. The slits are common on the thumb and the pointer fingers. While the slit allows you to use touchscreen devices and manipulate your tools, they make the gloves less waterproof.


Convertible gloves are full-finger gloves that allow you to uncover your fingertips. They offer the same advantages as slit finger gloves, but they offer more protection. The full-finger glove protects you from injuries and cold while the uncovered glove enhances dexterity and allows the use of touchscreen devices and manipulation of tools.

Benefits of Each Glove Material

Neoprene Fishing Gloves

Most fishing gloves today feature neoprene construction. The material is thick to offer great protection. It is also durable and easy to clean. Again, the material stretches to offer a snug fit.

Thanks to the thickness, gloves made of neoprene can be challenging to work with. Manufacturers add finger slits to make them easier to work with.

Wool Fishing Gloves

Wool is a great material when you need heavy gloves for cold weather. The material insulates your body against heat loss to keep you warm. However, it absorbs more water and fails to wick away sweat.

Fleece Fishing Gloves

Fleece has the same qualities as wool. The material gives great insulation to keep you warm. However, it wets easily and dries quickly. To make fleece better as a glove material, manufacturers add a waterproof coat to it.

Polyester, Spandex, and Poly-Spandex

These are synthetic materials that create affordable gloves. Polyester offers the benefit of durability and breathability while spandex offers elasticity. When manufacturers blend polyester and spandex, you get all these qualities.

Most of the gloves sport rubber reinforcement that makes them more durable. Without rubber, the gloves will have chemical treatments to make them stronger.

Are Fishing Gloves Worth It?

There are four main reasons why you need fishing gloves:

• Protect your hand from cold and wind

• Protect your hands from injuries from fish teeth, spine, and gill plates

• Protect your hands from the sun and UV rays

• For better grip

Without fishing gloves, you will experience poor handling, and you might end up with injuries. Almost everything you use in fishing is sharp, and you need to be ready to get pricked.


Are fishing gloves machine washable?

Most fishing gloves are machine washable. However, a few brands may not do well in a machine. Check with the manufacturer or the care label to see how to clean your glove.

Do fishing gloves retain odors from handling fish?

This will depend on the glove, the materials it is made of, and any other treatments on it. Most gloves will retain some smell unless you thoroughly wash them. However, gloves with rubber surfaces and reinforced chemical treatments do not retain the smells.

When should I wear gloves?

You need fishing gloves at all times when you start fishing. Regardless of the season, the type of fish you seek, or the weather, fishing gloves protect you.

Are regular gloves good for fishing?

No. These gloves will not offer the protection you need. The dorsal spines, gill plates, and teeth of fish can get through the regular glove.


If you are lucky, you will successfully fish with no gloves and no injuries. Handling the fish will be challenging, but you can still do it without gloves. However, not many people get lucky. Most fish species do not give up without a fight.

As the fish wiggles and moves on your hands, it opens up its spines, and that is when it injuries you. Again, fish are slippery, and you might have to release them if you have no gloves. I created this review to help you choose the best gloves. These gloves will make your fishing easier and more enjoyable.